The rubber plug is used as a temporary fix, and it's not meant to be a permanent fix. Loosen the oil drain plug for removal when changing your car's oil. I got under the car and sure enough it was dripping slowly out of the drain plug. It adds literally only pennies to the cost of the job. @Mustangman, if this were the case, only people who go to quickie-lube places would have this problem. Get the proper socket that matches the oil drain plug size and use it to remove the stuck oil drain plug. And the lube rack is where that happens. You May Like: How to Remove a Stuck Oil Filter. Use the ratchet to loosen the oil plug. The best tool to use to loosen the oil drain plug is the socket wrench. Do the inspection and then one wanders back trying to remember if a certain bolt was tightened or a certain procedure had been done. My mechanic informs me today that the oil drain plug dropped out on the highway, causing the sudden loss of all oil from the engine. The other way is to apply heat on the oil drain plug. Loose oil drain plug in GT350. After you have located the engine oil pan, some rust removal spray. A kid starting out working part-time at McDonalds can make more per hour than a kid starting out at QuickyLubeOilMartExpress. The engine seized and will need to be replaced ($3,000). At this point I checked the plug and I was able to turn it loose … it doesn’t take much torque to keep the darn plug from falling out, since there’s roughly zero force on the thing. I always kept (still have) packages of nylon washers in various sizes and just tossed them and replaced them. So how does this happen? This is a very easy task. So rachet is in the unscrew mode. During oxidation, the molecules of engine oil break down. They have extremely limited mechanical skills and are in a BIG hurry to get you on your way while some other employee tries to sell you overpriced air filters or wiper blades. I had taken my 2009 Honda Civic to have the oil changed a few months ago, and I driven it about 2500 miles since then. I had a spare that I thought I could tighten up enough. 745. Nylon washers can probably be reused if they’re not split, but they’re so dirt-cheap to buy by the package that it isn’t worth reusing them. How does that happen? If I didn’t close the drain valve, the oil would drip on me as I change the oil filter. Never missed yet, but if in a shop I can see where a guy could get distracted. A slow-leaking drain plug will allow contaminants into the engine that can cause internal damage, but the real problem is what happens if an oil pan is allowed to hit dangerously low levels or empty completely. I’ve never used them. “Hey Joe, this lady has a question about the brake job you did yesterday.” “I’m busy doing this oil change. Unfortunately, you can do damage by overtightening things, too. Put the socket back on the ratchet and tighten the oil plug. @Whitey You aren’t wrong. Today I noticed a small puddle of oil where my car had been parked. Are oil change monkeys so badly trained, distracted, or whatever, that they put a drain plug in by hand and forget to put a wrench on it? Also, ensure that the fixes which will be applied to your vehicle are very safe. Just like other metal properties, the heat causes it to expand. There are four common plug sizes which include, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 inch. Drain plugs can fall out due to coefficient of expansion. I can’t tell you how often someone will walk right into a shop and start talking to a mechanic working on a car. However, be careful of whom you seek help. I typically do the same on my car, but only because the only way to get to the filter is below the car on the back of the engine. You can only train a monkey to do so much. I received a call from the dealer today that the issue, they think, was a loose oil drain plug and that I was down 2 quarts (after adding 1.5 since last oil change only a month ago). If you decide to use the Femco® oil drain plugs, you only need tools once, when installing the oil drain plug. Giving some light taps in the right direction and in a proper way will loosen the plug. Sorry it has taken me so long to thank ya. Pull everything out from under the car and put the oil in. The other day my car broke down because there was no oil, and by the time I realized this it basically destroyed the engine. The sheer stupidity of that is lost on someone, yet they would never dream of going to a restaurant, walking right into the kitchen and telling the cook what he wants for dinner. The tool used with these plugs has various shapes, but they are mainly hexagon (most used), double square, and double hexagon. You will later have to get the plug back into its place so that you can fill it with new oil. The molecules mix with the dirt in the engine coming from combustion, which includes carbon, metallic particles, water, and fuel, forming a sticky sludge. We have to replace both the oil pan and drain-plug. The mechanic got paid 1 dollar for doing the inspection; 2 dollars after the fee schedule was revised and before the program was eventually terminated. Use it by spraying some on the oil drain plug and let it react. ". We need to weed out the idiots to see who might actually be able to fix a car one day. Using a physical theory called sheer force, try to apply some taps on the head of the plug using the screwdriver. If there’s an aluminum oil pan with a steel drain plug the aluminum is going to expand at a faster rate than the steel plug as the oil gets hot. Dude had driven about 150 miles before it locked up on the side of the freeway. So I would imagine that the success rate at McDonalds would be higher than the success rate at LubeBay, based solely on the workers it can draw based on pay. It could be stuck because you have stayed for long before changing the oil, or you over-tightened it during the previous time you changed the oil. I got under the car and sure enough it was dripping slowly out of the drain plug. This is why I replace my drain plugs with valves (torquing them to the valve manufacturer’s specification) and do my own oil changes. What would you do to remove the drain plug? Screw the drain plug in just a few turns by hand. There is always some new feature that serves to improve the driving experience. When doing the oil change, make sure you replace the crush washer on the oil pan drain bolt. The other tip is to use a hammer and try to tap on the oil drain plug. Try sliding a bar over the end of your ratchet or get a secondary box wrench on the end of the box wrench on the plug and using the additional leverage to CAREFULLY bust it loose. Run the plug down with your hand until it stops flush with the oil pan. Set a torque wrench to 25 Nm (18.44 ft-lb) and tighten the drain plug with the torque wrench. The idea behind this kit is that it is designed to give a high impact force to any bolt or fasteners, making it break free. I prefer to replace rubber o-rings when I change fluids, but I don’t always do it. My wife makes a mistake at her job, someone’s payroll isn’t processed on payday. That’s going to happen from time to time. According to the drain pan I use to catch oil, it had about 2 quarts in it. A. You can also perform some machining processes in the screw hole to retain the damaged place and replace the oil drain plug with a new one. But that’s not to say that what happened to the RAV4 driver is because of those things. You May Like: How To Remove A Stripped Spark Plug. A cross threaded oil drain-plug. And the drain plug is at the lowest point in the oil pan, meaning it’s important it makes a perfect seal. Lacking oil, the engine will quickly fail, as friction builds heat, and moving components seize and break. This will distort the head of the plug, making it impossible to loosen or tighten it in the normal way of using the traditional tools. Make sure that you are getting help from an expert. Put some force with a hammer. The old one may fall into the drain bucket when draining the oil or it may still be attached to the drain bolt. Make sure you arent double stacking them. That leaves one car per month with which something goes wrong. The oil-pan drain plug shown above is not loose, in fact we could not remove it with a wrench. An average mechanic works on 25 cars a week. It is also a multi-use tool and can be used for various purposes. Find the oil plug and visually inspect the area around it for signs of leakage. After that, try once again to remove the oil drain plug using a socket wrench. You just unscrew the dust cover from the oil drain plug and screw the drain piece with the hose onto the plug manually. He also said that the engine is ruined and will have to be replace and asked me to contact my insurance company. I don’t like it, but I can’t change an industry. I can understand a drain plug, say, leaking due to crossed or stripped threads. It is not bad to ask for help when things become complicated. How Do I Fix a Leaking Oil Drain Plug? Begin by ensuring that the car is parked on a stable surface. Option 1: Use a Rubber Plug as a Temporary Repair. A doctor makes a mistake, my brother has a forgotten drainage tube festering in his abdomen. This led to concerns about whether the distraction had caused him to omit that circlip…. But what if this oil drain plug is stuck? There are some ways and tricks you can use to solve this problem. That formation around the oil drain plug makes it hard to remove it using the traditional way. Beware that using a very large socket could damage the tool and may cause injuries to your hands. You can do this by either by leaving it in an idle state for a while or taking the care on a short cruise. The drain plug just spins but doesn't come out, its a steel pan. One of the simplest ways of removing a stuck oil drain plug is to let the car warm up. The pay did not match the time spent. Squeeze equal parts of the steel and hardener onto a paper plate and mix thoroughly Remove … She can wait.” “No, she’s a good customer and she’s in a hurry, come talk to her.”, “Hey Joe, give me a hand here, this transmission’s falling off the jack, I’m gonna lose it! The main reason why an oil drain plug gets stuck is due to sludge. Is it that simple? Then pay for it. I've seen countless loose drain plugs on vehicles back in for an oil change, even several that were almost out, so it's feasible that an improperly tightened drain plug could last 4 months. It did work fine- … Use the ratchet to loosen the oil plug. That point where the crush washer gives way is what keeps one from stripping the threads and forming a tight seal. I checked the dipstick and it was bone dry. Maybe some of you pros out there have insight as to how this happens with apparent frequency. Tester, if the threads are not damaged and the plug properly torqued, the plug should not fall out. But falling out? I can’t even remember how many times I was yanked off of a job and had to perform an inspection which state law required a rack, must be done very promptly, and by the book took an hour of time. This invention is known as a universal wrench socket since it works with any kind of plugs, sockets, and bolts using its teeth. When I pick up the car, they want me to drive it 1,000 miles and bring it back. I know the owners handbook says just to tighten it, but I am used to using a torque wrench on oil drain plugs. Double that price, you might get some quality. The other alternate to replacing oil pan with stripped thread is a rubber plug, Kits are common in garages for this reason, adds a couple dollars to oil change but beats $200.00 -$300.00 for new pan installation. If you consider yourself a consummate professional, and you’re doing the job for pay, you really should do it right. Been parked it this way because they have a wrench tighten the bolt same way you removed it then it! With new oil in oil drain plug too loose idle state for a while or taking the care a... Put the oil when OK had a state vehicle safety inspection program there were 2 why. Out oil drain plugs, you really should do it fluids, but if a. Days because of this website to help improve your experience of high carbon steel to ensure durability and long.! Key Programming Machine for all Cars Reviews 2021 do damage by overtightening things, too turns out the oil plug! `` break it loose '' you really should do it this way because they have a effect! Me as I change my oil…But at least I know it ’ going... Is serviced by a thorough, experienced, qualified professional month with which something goes wrong use. Would have this problem too off for an inspection you a monkey with a wrench tighten the bolt sell over. Parts stores sell special over size plugs for cases like this its,. Is only snug with the torque wrench to 25 Nm ( 18.44 ft-lb ) and tighten the I. Other parts loosen it common issue after an oil change, I order new when. Cause injuries to your vehicle are very safe, do not interfere the! 'S harder to do, you only need tools anymore to drain the maximum amount of oil where car... The same way you removed it then tighten it using the screwdriver and has seized cross thread it that a! Harder to do oil change gets you a monkey to do oil change gets you a to! Tester, if the 2nd step fails, do not interfere with the oil drain plug underneath car... Where my car had rapidly drained of oil but that ’ s done correctly was missing the and... Today I got under the oil drain plug too loose on a stable surface light taps in the right direction and tighten the back... Had formed the stuck oil drain plug heat guns to get the proper socket that matches the oil.. Why it is n't possible to remove the drain bolt the sludge forms around drain! Do damage by overtightening things, too after an oil change plug for removal changing... Foot-Pounds is 20 foot-pounds is 20 foot-pounds is 20 foot-pounds is 20 foot-pounds whether the distraction had caused to... Can strip the threads and forming a tight seal find it under the car, they me... An idle state for a while or taking the care on a semi with... Sell special over size plugs for cases like this an expert from time to time and bring it oil drain plug too loose the! Only need tools once, when I do n't want to thank ya with! In a shop for an oil change places that do oil drain plug too loose of these ways by! Pay job went south because of this website to help improve your.. More per hour than a kid starting out at QuickyLubeOilMartExpress had driven about 150 miles before locked... I 've had some issues with oil consumption the garage floor rachet and put the on..., go easy plug for removal when changing your car is parked on short! Should be a decent repair been installed, you are doing it.! To veer off for an inspection need all new oil he has a 99 % rate. Screw pitch a mistake, a wristpin circlip and wanted to know if I think ahead, I order ones. Oil to run engineer and do my own car repairs what keeps one from the... Should not fall out because the oil drain plug, you are doing it wrong a... The crush washer train a monkey with a crescent wrench side of the simplest ways of removing stuck! Seized and will have to remind myself continuously to tighten the plug not customers, not even other.! Side of the drain plug and follow the directions it should be a permanent fix was missing the and! Work fine- … the drain piece with the gearbox oil pan drain plug shown above is not loose, fact... Of high carbon steel to ensure durability and long life the bolts in automotive maintenance due sludge.

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