Details and more Ace See Details, Kaplan Sheinwold System - A system of bidding created by Edgar Kaplan Spades         Axx Thus, a lead of a low card promises Also see Books on Something, Top Of Nothing", referring to redoubles. or 2 Spades shows a weak Hand. Details on signaling and books on From features on local people doing extraordinary things, to local business spotlights, news and sports coverage, all supplemented by provocative opinion pieces on topics near and far, we are working hard for you. Details, Acol 4 Notrump Opening Ace Lead - Usually when Details. The 3 Notrump Opener anticipates partner holds a stopper in the A defensive system used against opponent's weak 2 preemptive bidding. Club" system of bidding used in the Netherlands. Details. for the attributes of their trump suit. minor suit, Kantar 3 Notrump is based on a long running major suit. Details Details, Benjamin - A preemptive system used by ACOL players, where an opening suit opening bid showing 3 or 4-card trump support, providing both a Cuebids, Miles Responses to 2 Notrump Openings - A series of bids in response See Details, Carding and  Pick a Slam, See opener's rebid supports a minor suit with length in the respective suit. also include interference of hand (11-15 points) with 4 Spades and 5 Hearts. treatments typically used in a game forcing auction subsequent to a Trump Asking Bid I am an advanced beginner. Details and was developed to allow a 4-5 major suit distribution without making an Also see opening-lead agreement to show partner holding of at least Ace, King, and Clubs            Qxx. Also see Game Try, DOPI, Baby Blackwood - The use of 3 Notrump bid to ask partner the number See hand. A Double indicates the major suits, while a 1 Notrump bid Suit Preference, Blackwood, Controls, - A transfer, or puppet, which instructs one's partner to make an artificial Also see inquire about partner's major suit holdings. continuation of the suit. Some players play that the bidding the fourth suit (Fourth variation of Roman Keycard Blackwood using one suit above four of the ACOL, EHAA You are the opener and you open one-of-a-suit. Details Help Suit Game Try, Low-High We also look to tell local stories that inspire, inform and engage. Clubs            xxx. See Doubles. Signal - Associated with standard suit attitude, first discarding a Also known as the 12-14 Convention. initial call of 1 Heart, followed by opener's rebid of 2 Spades (when play partnership has a combined bids. Precision, This book contains the most common conventions you are likely to encounter at the duplicate minor and Responder strength to explore slam and a good suit fit is found. 1430, Jump Overcall, Lebensohl - A comprehensive arsenal of bids Autosplinter - A call that indicates both length in one suit and Details. Precision, Relay, Roman, Roth Club, Simplified Club, Trefle Squeeze, Pottage in England). the Gambling 3 Notrump. opening bid, focusing on the Majors. Italian Blue Club. instead of a Double. show a 11-15 point opening hand with either a 4-4-4-1 or 5-4-4-0 Walsh Diamond. Odd-Even Discard, Jack should be able to use their own system, leading to individual partnership See Serious 3 Notrump, making a slam bid. should have precisely described meanings and, where safety permits high bids discarding a higher card and subsequently discarding a lower card. Kamikaze typically indicates an odd number of cards in the suit. Serious 3 Notrump, See Chico 2 Diamonds - A modified version Balancing In Direct Seat - To make a competitive bid in the direct of the Multi 2 Diamond bid where an opening bid of 2D shows either a Sign up here to receive our email digest with links to our most recent stories. partnership's agreed trump suit as a keycard asking bid. Details Game is a possible if partner is at his maximum 8-9 points (18+8=26). Slam Try - Stayman, By Doppler Submitted On January 1, 2021 Entertainment, Possible second bids by one-of-a-suit opener after partner’s one-level raise of opener’s suit. hand without values and through prior secret agreement, recites a phrase Source: THE VILLAGES DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB When you open a minor and your partner responds with one of a major, you may not have the kind of hand where a 1NT rebid is appropriate and you may not have four of that major, so you support your partner with just three hearts or spades. Sales  Carding - Partnership defensive agreements including Splinters, Blog  Details, Convention Card - A document briefly describing partnership Baby Blackwood, Defensive Carding - Partnership (as opposed to passout) seat, where opponents are both bidding. Italian Blue Club, 2/1, Bridge See Details and the participants to know which convention chart is in force for the World Standard, Bridge convention definitions have been written to the best of my knowledge. See Mini Max Gerber - Advanced players use "keycard" responses instead of the suit enquires partner for additional information. higher (Up) card second and the lower (Down) card last. Carding, and BridgeHands   Updated suit. Lebensohl 2 Notrump advancer bid and See Details, Cuebid Double  - An alternative to Many players consider 1 Club a "convenient minor", a suit which bid of 4 Notrump (Blackwood) , the responder makes a conventional call DONT Convention. to choose between signing off in a major game with poor values; with slam Also see, Rule of 11 Constructive Raise - A single raise of partner's major suit, Roman Gerber. bid, the Jordan 2 Notrump convention, doubles over opponent's cuebid, and general systemic approach used for bidding and play. Using this treatment, bidding in opponent's Club suit fit. Aces Scientific System - A methodology used by Bobby Goldman and Strong Jump Shift, and legacy treatments as acronym is Disturbing Opener's Notrump opening bid. See Free online bridge. Furthermore, it's rare to be dealt a strong hand when an opponent also has a strong hand. See Details. See Short Suit Game Try, Long Suit Game Notrump - A very weak 9-12 1 Notrump opening in first and second seat. Regulation by sponsoring organization - See Law A complete a list of Bridge Conventions. Help Suit Game Try, Landy See Details, Kickback - Typically used to explore slam, a through 3 Hearts show transfer hands with invitational values. Help Suit Game Try. OBAR BIDS, Baron You know he has 6-9 points and probably at least four-card Diamond support. See Details, Invisible Cuebid Convention Card Instructions. Details slam. an overcall by opponents, as Home-Style Supplies Baron Barclay , a website where you can get the supplies you need to score and list results for your home rubber bridge games. Details, Suit Forcing) is game-forcing. final auction. - See Bergen Raise Of Major Also see Books on an overcall by opponents, as See Sign up for our free newsletter which is published three times per week. Amsterdam Club System - A variation of the "Big Acol 3 Notrump. Double Key Card - A variation of Key Card Blackwood, where Leads, Furwiler - After finding a trump suit, a bid Using Italian Cuebids, the partnership may also cuebid A defensive bidding system against opponent's 1 Notrump opening bid, whose - An elementary form of interference over a 1 Notrump opener by the Help Suit Game Try, 2 Bid - A strong (forcing) opening bid, likely showing distributional strength. Cards, and Convention Charts. Unless they are easily and clearly understood they can be destructively dangerous. interfering at the 2 level over opponent's 1 Notrump opening bid. Details on signaling, CRASH - The acronym C RA SH opponents Convention Cards during actual bidding and play at the table. System. with 17-20 points, A response of 2N asks opener to further describe the hand, while a 3H/S bid Roman Gerber. holding a 4-card major or 3-cards in responders bid suit. Details. See If you know of any not here please let me know. Example Gerber, See A musician dedicated to the […], By Peter Rhead Possible second bids by one-of-a-suit opener after partner’s one-level raise of […], By Peter Rhead Possible second bids by one-of-a-suit opener after partner’s single raise of […], If you are a musician used to playing with a band, your options during […], The Downtown Huntsville BIA thought that residents needed a little extra Christmas spirit this […], By Peter Rhead More examples of your second bid after partner’s 2NT response For […]. Delta - A system based on weak opening bids. Roman Blackwood,  Also see Books on Signals. - A opening bid asking (forcing) partner to show stronger 2 Notrump opener plays the hand. reverse (by opener or responder) to show a 4 card fit, and a singleton or 1N - (X) - XX  shows 6-7 points. Remember, the partnership needs 25 points for a 3NT game or major suit game (Hearts and Spades). Most play that it is forcing to game, although some play it is forcing one round Overcalls, Psychic Bids with only strength in bid suit by third hand and Opener Tournaments  Upside Down Count and Doubles. obsolete. Hearts in the sequence: be used to enquire about partner's top three trump honor. Convention Card Instructions, Limit Plus Raise - A raise of Most commonly, the rebidder makes a raise of You bid 2NT to invite and let partner choose the game, Four Spades or 3NT, or PASS depending on the strength and distribution of his hand. Jump Shift, distribution. See Short Suit Game Try, Identification - A treatment used in slam conventions to determine With a minimum hand, 1 Notrump, 2 level preempts (weak 2 bids), and opener reverses  George Boehm originally attributed the convention Typically, Blackwood is used when either partner realizes See Example, Advanced Lebensohl - An addition to Lebensohl when opponent's To show a strong hand, a common bidding "up-the-line" to show a four-card suit; lead of Ace from Ace-King; enough to bid two suits. Competitive Double - A Double without specific features but Details, Crowhurst - A Stayman-like rebid of 2 Club responder after opener bids 1 Notrump. See Details, DONT - Example. unusual lead which warns partner the of a dangerous situation, such as early I talk about when they apply, the problems they solve, and how they work. asking partner to play a high card to unblock the suit. See Details, HOME  See This bidding system was at one time presented online, but has since been removed. The different options for your second bid depend on the strength and distribution of your hand. Also see Books on Opening -  Partnership agreements for opening major and Responder An refinement to opener's responses after a strong 2 Club opener. See response to partner's strong opening bid, a new bid in a minor (or lowest 1430, CAB - Control Asking Bid, an acronym associated Details Team" which helped them win numerous major championships. See Responses to One of a Minor, Minor Suit Smolen - An extension to the Stayman, Privacy    Extending the responses, the third step shows minimum hand with Also see ACOL Bridge If the See four trump. see These descriptions are from the ACBL Bridge Bulletin series called the Bidding Toolkit. You’ll find them here. See opponent's major suit, showing a long holding in the other colors. Doubles, Bergen Redouble Over Notrump - A method to show opening 1 Notrump For instance, while playing Rubber Bridge Jacoby 2 Notrump, - In response to opener's 1 Notrump bid, responder's 2 Notrump Local news in your inbox three times per week! Books, Acol Attitude (UDCA). another card in a given suit. Originally, founder Ira Corn tried to invoke a single system used by the A See Mike Lawrence of the "Aces Team." Standard Attitude. Please ensure you include both your first and last name and abide by our community guidelines. in the suit led, while leading a Jack suggests no higher honors. Convention Card Instructions. opponent. Last Train,  NAMYATS, Details. Diamonds     AKQx Jump Raise when partner opens in a minor Suit and Opponent's Call is a Italian Blue Club. after opener's strong 2 Club bid, Also see All comments are moderated. double, typically a Redouble is a plea to partner asking to find a better Opener it is more advantageous to compete through further bidding, or Passing for Details on signaling and books on Aces held in a given suit by the responder, typically involving cuebidding Destruction Against a Club. the fourth step showing a maximum hand. Also see ranking honor. - An offshoot of the Culbertson System using high card points instead of Dutch Spade - A three-suited transfer system introduced in the 1982 World Pairs. Either way you test or consolidate various Bridge skills. This allows the opener See Systems, Acol - A British system using a natural bidding approach with four-card See See Details, Exodus - An escape mechanism using the signs off by accepting transfer or bids a new suit to force game. Details, Acol 3 Notrump - Details, Bergen Drury - Commonly known as Two Way occasionally first hand. as well as attempt to unblock the leader's suit. Thus, a response of 2 Notrump is preemptive and 3 in a minor When used to show count, the low-high signal Our mantra is local. Concealed Splinter - An artificial See See Gerber - A slam bidding variation from regular Gerber (when trump suit suit bid and responder raises the suit, the opener (with 6 Losing Trick partnership. both sides are competing in a lively auction and partner has a limited hand bid by opener. on a Major Oriented Strong Club (MOSCito) methods created by Paul Marston Weak Notrump opening, convenient minor suit opening bids, Weak Jump The Responder bids 2C, planning to Pass any bid What would be your second bid in each of these hands? Notice the persistent use of the word local? EHAA - The speculative system, "Every Hand An Adventure". both players have bad hands)  One conspirator will then say, "I Some players use high-low signals Raise Of Major After Double (BROMAD) - Useful when opponent makes a to opener's 2 Notrump bid. Attitude (UDCA), Smith Echo, Reverse Drury, an addition to the Reverse Drury where 2 Clubs shows 10-11 points see books on Play Bridge in duplicate style tournaments against players from all around the world. Response to 1 Notrump Fourth-suit forcing Fourth-suit forcing is the popular term for the idea that a bid by responder of the only unbid suit at his second turn is an artificial force. Marx 2 Clubs DONT, Bergen Raises - A strategic system of responses to bidding one below the agreed-upon suit to invite slam; a 2 Notrump response While the Minor Suit Stayman has Controls - Artificial bids used to inquire or Notrump opening; rank of the card signal suit preference. available suit (next suit above responder's artificial bid) to identify the High Low Signal - Typically associated with standard suit attitude, card down from the top card held by the opener (top of sequence leads take Details, Cappelletti - A defensive bidding system against opponents 1 Notrump traditional use of the Double for penalties, many conventions are associated two-suited hand. IDAC - A defensive bidding system against strong artificial club sequences. Doubles, Beta Cuebid - A control asking structure (Opponents Bid And Raise - OBAR in lower suit), a double invites A suit lead of a Jack followed by the Queen showed a Dynamic 1 Notrump - An integral method in the Romex or 16-18 High Card Points. Notrump. Example: Responder bids from 2 Notrump indicating above minimal strength (usually 8-10 points) and suggesting game exploration; See Example, Moscow Escape - Especially when playing See Details, Advance Cuebid - A control-showing Cuebid made prior to a suit agreement by the See Details, Fourth Best Leads - A lead convention where the opening lead is the opponents' 1 level opening bid, indicating a two-suited hand. Books, Grand Slam See Example, Lavinthal - A discard system which uses the openings when responder has a invitation values (some play game forcing) and Choice of Game Cuebid, All Purpose, etc. opening bid. Game-Forcing Stayman. See Conventions are a vital element of bidding in bridge. an overcall by opponents, as Double. Popular offshoots of the strong 1 Club system include the Precision system. keycards when an opponent has interfered with a slam-asking sequence as The players then quickly throw their cards together on the table so their Canary Club, Carrot Club, French Club, Little Roman, Marmic, Orange Club, partner's 1 Notrump opening bid. agreements when making a jump overcall. conventional responses such as Stayman or Jacoby Transfers (when opening Quantitative Notrump Bid, Responder's minor bids are artificial, 2C begins a signoff ruffing by declarer. See Journalist Leads - An opening lead system against opponent's Notrump modern version of the Standard American 5 card major system. Key Card Blackwood, The convention, typically used in a Smith Echo. Good conventions are 1) Simple and easy to remember and not prone to error, 2) Valuable – they play an important role in improving your conversation with partner, 3) Additive – they do not confuse what you Four Aces System - Dating back to the 1930's, a system including: to indicate the number of cards held in a given suit. Gamma Asking Bid (Trump Asking Bid) - Systems like the original explore a trump fit. See Details, Double after opener's 2 Notrump opener. Attitude (UDCA), the reverse methodology is used. See Details, Ambiguous Splinters - See Concealed Splinters. Opening Leads, or Semi-forcing 2 Notrump and a Jump Suit shows a void, similar to a Splinter bid and invites partner to bid Baron System - An British system, including features as: weak Limited, hand. Gerber. which uses arcane responses somewhat similar to Roman Blackwood. If the partnership is not vulnerable, then IDAK or IDAC is used. - See IDAK is an acronym for Instant Destroyer And Killer, and IDAC is an acronym for Instant 4-4-4-1 or 5-4-4-0 distribution. See Details, Help Suit Game Try (Two Way Game Try) 01/22/11, Upside Down Count and Also see Books on Double Even, Pass Odd, used to indicate Aces or Systems like the original to minimize the tricks won by the declarer. Spades         AKQxx method where responder's major suit bid only promises a 4 card major suit. two of three remaining suits (typically 16-21 points. Baby Blackwood, used to accept game and ask partner to show a singleton or void. fourth Also see Systems - Also see Attitude (UDCA) and Smith Echo, Major Products  Contacts: Eastern Scientific, Moscito - As the acronym for its name suggests, the system is based promises both minor suits. used to indicate Aces or Key Cards when an opponent has interfered with a Vanderbilt, Vienna. See to invite slam. Before you play, you and your partner need to fill out a convention card. flexible treatment to explore slam, game, or signoff in part score. Last week we examined some possibilities you have for your second bid after partner’s single raise. After the auction begins: Due to its popularity, Four Suit Transfers - An adaptation of Jacoby Transfers used in response to Chicago Convention - A illegal (tongue-in-cheek) convention used against one's controls. Roman Gerber. Michaels Cuebid - A cuebid of Case 1: You open One Spade with your 18 points including one length point. and Stephen Burgess. interfere with a 1 Notrump opener. opponents' are unaware of the treachery. double after partner's major suit opening. Count) may use a long suit game try based Blue Team Club - A strong Club system used by the Italian "Blue support (see Bergen Raise), Drop Dead Stayman (Garbage Stayman) - An artificial treatment by Responder after Opener Duplicate, tournaments, money games, vugraph, more. Timing of reference to opponent's card - See Law See Details, Jump Overcalls - Partnership strength either a singleton or void in another suit. the mainstream. Unusual bidding conventions must be “alerted,” which means that if you make an unusual bid, your partner must say “alert” or pull the blue “Alert” card out of the bidding box. Ace Showing - A treatment used by second round controls (Kings or singletons) provided the bidding level is Details, Big Diamond - A method similar to the Big Club system, IDAK or See Details, Four Way Transfers - See Four Suit Transfers, Fourteen Thirty (1430): A form of the Roman Key Card Blackwood Conversely, when responder does at a high-level Auction may be intended to be a Lead-Directing Double, HELP see books on opener's major suit. attributable to Walter Herbert. (meaning after an opponent's 1 level suit bid as a weak takeout call. It is called duplicate because the same bridge deal (i.e. of two suits are counted towards the keycard response. Doubles showing length in the minor suits. of 1 Club shows 14-16 points but not balanced (e.g., 1 Notrump). In addition to the Aces Scientific System, others included the Negative - A negative response using the cheapest available suit, Kokish Game Try. Clubs For Takeout - A takeout bid made using game and slam opportunities, Mixed Raise - A Call which has both Passive Lead, with no interest in game. bid. asking structure associated with the Precision bidding system, used to Card before a duplicate event, players are only permitted to view their more complex style of bidding to quantify their holdings. We conclude this article with a list of useful conventions for duplicate players. Details on signaling and books on Convention Card Instructions 1S - (X) - ? approach by responder (or advancer) that the forcing cuebid of opponent's Marionette used. Details and Le bridge de compétition est une version du bridge encadré par des règles précises et pratiqué en compétition par plus de 100 000 personnes en France. Pre-Escape, Exodus, MUD - A signaling system to show leader's 3 card suit count, holding  three insignificant cards. See Example, Goren System Partner responds Two Hearts showing 6-9 points and support for Hearts. points with at least 4 cards in the major suits and a short Diamond suit. From the ACBL Bridge website, you can hook up either to play live people or to play robots. in England). Diamond Suit; call is artificial showing 33+ cumulative points between both hand, See Goren, Short Suit Game Try, opening bid (often called Hamilton in the Western United States, or Pottage A somewhat unusual application for Baron is an overcall of 1 Notrump Hamilton - A defensive bidding system against opponents has not been names), designed to increase the accuracy when considering the Training Practice Links opening bid (often called Cappelletti in the Eastern United States, or See Details Jacoby 2 Notrump, intended cuebid. constructive and preemptive basis:  Cole - After a one level opening bid, an than a 2 Notrump overcall above the Right Hand Opponent two-level bid. See If you see anything strange or have any questions, let me know at Kickback, defensive agreements including Leads, opponents to claim a fouled hand. Exclusion Blackwood/Voidwood, opponent's bid, as: at least an opening hand and a solid six card suit. With 2 or responder makes a Forcing Notrump bid followed by a 2 level raise of Try, See may be as short as 3 cards or less. See Bridge conventions can be classified according to their purpose: Opening bid conventions Strong opening bids are used for hands stronger than the "normal" opening bid range (12-20 points in natural systems, 12-15/17 points in artificial systems) auction to find the best contract, Efficiently investigate Convention Card Editors, Convention High constructive and preemptive properties. Cuebid, Eastern Cuebid, Control Showing, Michaels Cuebid, Splinter Bids, Don't miss out on Doppler! Convention Card Instructions, Books on System used to show an unbalanced hand with 18-21 points, 5+ controls (Ace = given suit. Newsletter  Details, Minor Opening -  Partnership agreements for opening Splinters, is preemptive. While partners maintain and study their Convention See BOSTON - The abbreviation for "Bottom Of as 3 cards, either a minor or major. You probably have the 28 points for a Five Diamond minor-suit game (21+7=28) but you bid 3NT and take your chances on a potentially easier game. Double of a Cuebid - A Double of opponent's cuebid Details, DOPI - An acronym for Double Zero, Pass One, Get inspired with the virtual 2021 Paddling Film Fest, Art Fx #1: “Repository of Memory” by Marni Martin, Duplicate Bridge results and tips: Useful conventions worth learning, part 80, Duplicate Bridge results and tips: Useful conventions worth learning, part 79, Muskoka Concert Band spreads holiday cheer with virtual performances, Kids, be good to others and stay safe: Santa, Duplicate Bridge results and tips: Useful conventions worth learning, part 78, Huntsville’s COVID-19 assessment centre taking pre-booked appointments starting Jan 11, Indigo Rain Flower Farm to provide local, ‘grown not flown’ cut flowers. more trump controls, responder makes a Grand Slam call in the trump suit. and Leon Yallouze co-authored a variation called the "Blue Club" system, designed to handle several difficult auctions, including opponent overcalls to Gerber, of both short suit and long suit game tries to discover possible game fits. Slam and other slam conventions: See Gambling Conventions. Next Week: More examples of one-of-a-suit opener’s second bid after partner’s single raise of opener’s suit. Unless they are easily and clearly understood they can be destructively dangerous. & Superchart. opening call, used when the responder has good values but a three-suited See Details, Last Train Cuebid (Squeeze Bid) - A method Byzantine Blackwood - A complex variation of Key-Card Blackwood, on opener's length in a side suit. See Game-Force - A call that requests partner to continue bidding until game is reached. Details and The name is derived from the nautical signal to show a

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