Received an opened pack with minor scratches. FEMININE. Creed Love in White was originally launched in 2005 and inspired by a love of sailing, combining ingredients form all over the world to create a fragrance that is fresh and deep. The scent is floral and You can definitely fell the quality of the scent. Its a powdery, white floral, thats almost gourmand from the vanilla. Quick shop. But I am somehow "frustrated" with it. I wish I had tried this one before I got married! (plus you get the vitamin c boost!). I will most likely buy a full bottle. I think our noses are as special as our eyes. Click & Collect. How a lady should smell like. i applied with a spritz to each wrist. This Fragrance is really unisex. Select Your Cookie Preferences. I remember back in 2005 when this was the talk of the town, hence I bought 2 bottles. If those things don’t matter it is a beautiful fragrance. Then it dried down to a smooth combination of white, Spring flowers and I was happy. ;(. It is sharp, it gets me nauseous and sneezy. It does have a marine feels to it, although its far from aquatic or salty. One day I asked what perfume she wore and she told me Love in White. Love in White was created by Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed. I kept trying and trying thinking it was my nose "for the day", but nope.....something just "off". It smells so elegant and classic. As for the comparisons to soap, that's a plus in my opinion. Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating So unnatural ends up being annoying. This is exactly Michelle Obama, but could also be someone like Kate Middleton...although I’d say it’s a little bit grand for her right now. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. It is like a very watered down and overly light version of Pleasures by Estee Lauder. The comfort and satisfaction of this scent lies in its simplicity. It is a beautiful perfume. You can take in hand luggage on planes, now you can freshen up on the go! £25.00. I thought that all the others didn't smell pleasant at all ! Sharp and clean on the opening, and light and inoffensively subtle and pretty on dry down, which is a bit of a generic floral vanilla. I love it! This perfume is definitely regal. It smells a little different on everyone but still gives off the clean vibe which can be attributed to the rice powder and the orange blossom. This scent calls for finely tailored outfits,neat hair styles( think French chignon),plush carpets and discussions in cultured,modulated tones. I wasn't initially a huge fan but after several uses from a couple samples, I thought it was great. I think HP is just ok and I hate the others because they make me nauseous. Perfect for women with a classic miminalist sense of chic. I was expecting something special, but I noticed something in it that I can't stand. I tested this in a department store the other day and really wasn't overly impressed at all! As much as I like this, I don't know if I can justify the huge price tag! The opening is quite beautiful, smooth and classy but the drying down process started to bother my nose a lot. Great for any occasion, any time of the year. This is quite dry for a white floral with ambergris in the base. The more I wear it the more I like it. I haven't smelled anything like this before. 5 with This has longevity from hell: it never washes off, you have to let it wear off. I have a sample of it, and if it were not so expensive I would get a full bottle of it to add to my collection, although I would use it rarely as it does not have a wow factor to me. I had high expectations for this fragrance (largely based on Angelina Jolie being reported wearing it). I love Love In White! The daffodil/narcissus is very intensive on me, with the magnolia not far behind. Inspired by a drive through the blossoming tree lined streets of Provence (South of France) on a glorious Spring day, Love in White is reminiscent of a fresh spring breeze and an elegant bouquet of the first blooms of spring. I also smell ambergris. A new love - sophisticated citrus, blended beautifully with floral notes and a stunning dry down! I keep saying it smells of old soap. I can't wait to buy a second bottle . It is a very ladies-who-lunch type of situation. But something made me go back to the sample and try it again a few days later (and again, and again) and now I like it so much I am buying a full bottle. This is the one floral fragrance that I can honestly say is beautiful to my nose. The Creed Love in White Eau de Parfum for women is an aromatic ode to global unity and peace. Love in Black Eau de Parfum (75 ml) £220 + Quick Shop. It was her signature scent and she received lots of compliments at the White House galas in the next 3 years. Creed love in white may be expensive but worth every penny. I have had LIW before and have never quite understood how anyone could like it. a nice smooth floweral with a touch of citric. Fragrance Reviews: 1034306 The rice brings an interesting effect; I can smell it as if I were sticking my face into a bag of rice. And sillage is moderate! I feel like sprayed liberally this would smell nice enough though, but it had very low silage. Although I laughed, that review got me curious as to what could provoke that kind of scorn. This is a beautiful perfume, it has a freshness mixed in with some nice this isn't a big floral, this is a complex scent, it has of course a niche quality, I detect the narcissus, and the rice note is delicate and played so harmoniously with some fresher notes..the scent expresses confidence..yet remains feminine . Clean with a splash of citrus. Worst purchase ever. All I can say is clean, fresh, classy, timeless, elegant. Love in White is a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers combining the first blooms of spring (Magnolia, Narcissus and White Hyacinth) with Fresh Grass on a base of White Iris from Florence, Rice Husk, and Vanilla to add depth and longevity. I think it's can be good for a shy woman to. This fragrace is so hard to explain in words. Sillage was quite heavy at first, but the fragrance was totally undetectable within about 2 hours. Gorgeus and I love it. I put Love in White on this morning and what hit me at first was a nice smell of flowers, not too sweet and quite "dry" for being a floral fragrance. This fragrance smells exactly like the first floor of a high end department store. Its sweet, floral and surprisingly long lasting. This is a great spring and summer scent. I find this nauseating after the first few mins. As time goes on it smells clean still but the milky note gets more intense. No jasmine or vanilla.. poor me, lol. If I were to re-name this, I'd call it Elegance. Maybe the notes being reversed is the reason the smell is so foreign to me. This last purches is for a Christmas gift which am sure will make me popular! God I love this frag. This was my first scrubber when I tested it. Glad I sampled this in store because it probably doesn’t warrant a full sample vial for me. Thinking about exchanging‼️. Love In White by Creed Eau De Parfum 75ml, See all details for Love In White by Creed Eau De Parfum 75ml, © 1996-2021,, Inc. or its affiliates. I dropped my jaw off, when I found out that Love in White has been crowned as one of CREED's best sales for younger women! I smell alot of orange zest, freshly grated orange zest. I think that the iris is more of a "texture" for this composition. But I don't care. I've never smelled anything like it. Thanks CREED!!!XOXO. I love this! I think I can pull it off and I might try… so refreshing and nice. Creed Aventus for women is one of the best perfumes you can purchase. It instantly reminded me of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, where the white paint is made "white"-er by the addition of a single drop of black per can. Love in White has traveled from "dislike" to "like" on my list quite unexpectedly. The sillage is moderate and the lasting power is pretty decent. It almost smells plasticy on my skin. I haven't smelled anything quite like it before. Creed. Creed Aventus For Her 50 ml FREE DELIVERY 100 % GENUINE . Very subtle and almost not there. But then I read that this was Michelle Obama's favorite so I bought my first Creed decant. It's just so uplifting. No matter how I feel when I smell this I feel better. I've grown to appreciate it as it gives some personality to the scent. Creed $100.00. It is beautiful. Vague hint of Diesel Loverdose Tattoo, which I guess is the rice note. Inspired by a drive through the blossoming tree lined streets of Provence (South of France) on a glorious Spring day, Love in White is reminiscent of a fresh spring breeze and an elegant bouquet of the first blooms of spring. My only complaint is I wish it was longer lasting. This reminds me a bit of Banana Republic W, but prettier and way nicer. I have been complimented on Love In White more than any other perfume I have. I think it’s the green factor that is overpowering and makes it smell like “plastic”. Reminds me of the subtle wafts of Jasmine I smelled outside the house at night when I was young. Don't get me wrong it does not smell sugary or sickly sweet at all, just that the floral milkiness reminds me of baby puke on clean clothes. Based on its inspiration from the love of sailing, i have to say that this is a great scent. It contains hand-picked essences from five continents, which reflects its appreciation for sophisticated craftsmanship and passion for the very best ingredients. I can't believe what you're saying. Love in White is a sweet bouquet including plenty of jasmine and rose, along with a bright fruity orange peel note that makes the composition very sunny. Very very soft, powdery, unusual and "cosy" fragrance. 1 for women. I enjoy this fragrance! The result is a sensationally fresh, creamy, floral composition, full of energy and … Im on my second full size bottle. If you would, however, like to wear this fragrance, it's best for summer. The Fragrance Story Inspired by a drive through the blossoming tree lined streets of Provence (South of France) on a glorious Spring day, Love in White is reminiscent of a fresh spring breeze and an elegant bouquet of the first blooms of spring. Equally obvious is the Creed "millésime" base that I know so well from Green Irish Tweed, Millésime Impérial, and Silver Mountain Water, et … Pleasant all the way around. Yep, it smells like that watery rice pudding they serve in hospitals. There is also some darkness buried in the scent. Love in White for Summer by Creed is a Floral fragrance for women.Love in White for Summer was launched in 2018. She is a can do type of lady, a Libra who is feminine but with a masculine strength and a plan underneath. The ones I've tested in a department store, including Love in White, were all very bland, nothing special, certainly not standout perfumes - if anything they're very, very forgettable - and nothing I would be stupid enough to waste my money on. This distinct veggie leafy note does not go well with the heavenly floral notes in my opinion. This perfume was a huge disappointment. But does anyone else notice it doesnt last very long? $100.00. So I got a full botle. This tends toward the unisex side of the spectrum, a man or a woman could easily wear this. This is such an unusual but fabulous fragrance. It's seems to stick around as I get compliments when I don't smell it anymore. I am not sure that would pay the price ...maybe to high...there are better parfumes and far more feminine. What I pictured was sort of a wedding day scent. Masaki Shiro by Matsushima is a parfum from 200 that smells like Love in White. With base notes like vanilla and amber with sandalwood to bind it all together. Then maybe you might see why they cost what they cost. Problems are sillage and longevity - definetely not worth the price tag for me. Very soft and I agree with prettyliscious: delicate. I got a few samples of this and I LOVE it! Underwhelming. It appears, opinions are divided, and well, I straddle the fence here. This lasts about 20 minutes before a milky creamy note comes in. They adore white in love because of me. Italian jasmine, French Riviera narcissus, Tonkin rice, Egyptian iris and Guatemala mountain magnolia form the heart, while the base consists of Java vanilla, Calabrian ambergris and Indian sandalwood. The latest addition to the Creed feminine fragrance family, Love in White for Summer is the sweet and playful counterpart to the classic floral scent, Love in White. Subtle yet noticeable. Thanks to dear Sherapop I had the pleasure of testing Love in white and other samples from Creed.Instantly when I smelled this on my skin a picture came on my mind,running up a hill with beautiful wild flowers,cyclamens,lilies of the valley,narcissus,jasmine along with rice vanilla powder.Love in white is the corridor to innocence. I must say the beginning is beautiful. This is NOT a "disgusting" fragrance at all. Love this. It reminds me of an impeccably dressed assistant to a CEO/socialite greeting everyone at her ice garden party and being a great hostess. Creed gets alot of hate but i do not care what others think, because i think they are high quality very long lasting and interesting perfumes. Royale Exclusives White Flowers Eau de Parfum (75ml) £370 + Quick Shop. Likeable, floral, light, not very strong and base notes are not very apparent. High price, very long lasting,but nothing special. I've always avoided the House of Creed because of price. Expensive, luxury and well known for its quality house I know, but for me, just pass. Lovely and long lasting. The smell of a maiden aunt circa 1952. I really love this scent. Makes sense because this scent is for a mature woman who wants to be remembered. This page works best with JavaScript. If this your creed you believe in nothing. It lasts and lasts. I wish I loved it. Fresh and modern. Reminds me of a trip to the beach! In general, I am not one of them. I gifted this to my mom in its soap form. For this price tag, i was expecting something much nicer. Now I'm gonna be lynched, but the initial blast reminds me of the ultra cheap Ex`cla-ma`tion by Coty. Both of these perfumes lasted for only a dismal few hours on my skin so the longevity seems to be very poor. I am so sad this fragrance did not work for me. Smell expensive and luxurious and that it is. Then a specific note shows up that I don't care for. If you do not want to accept all cookies or would like to learn more about how we use cookies, click "Customise cookies". I can tell this is a quality fragrance, but it just really wasn't right for me. It is a head turner, with great longevity and sillage. or Best Offer. The rice, magnolia and white florals combine to form a fresh, glossy feeling, slightly aquatic accord which hovers over the powdery base of iris and rose. I admire the House of Creed but this one is a disappoinment. "My boss loves it. And what a pleasant surprise! While it is certainly a "Creed formula" with scads of high quality synthetics coalescing into rich accords, and it is likely ten times better than your average synthetic "mall rat" fruity floral, I've come to think of its floral accord as a mood killer. Had one already coming to the end of bottle and it doesn’t smell exactly the same and the Creed badge on top of the perfume top fell off My original one wouldn’t ever come off. As a male I must say that love in white is such a seductive fragrance. I can imagine for a firs lady who must be always political correct but it's not that perfume whom I could express myself. It smelled lovely on paper and I could not wait to try it on my skin. It's just beautiful and clean and it makes me feel happy and awake and energized. This a romantic scent, it isn't loud at all. Thanks creed you've not disappointed so far. You'll never be able to get the whole story with all the scents in the air. I rarely dislike perfumes and this was a huge disappointment. clinky glasses filled with ice. Ambergris' soapy marine quality is present right from the opening, and is as much a feature as the florals to my nose. Product code: 46830402. I tried it instore and glad I did that before committing to buying it. I'm bored by this Creed fragrance and slightly nauseated. It's Blah! I love Creed's Love in White. I'm a fan of many Creed creations but Love in White is one of a kind. The scent is floral-fresh. see more pictures. Love in White was launched in 2005. yes its a boring scent which u may smell from face cleanser or skin care products. Works for any occasion, any time of year. There are a lot of people who are into intense white soap smells. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. To me it evokes a wedding in Hawaii with all those exotic white flowers. Unique yet not divisive. Put me in a dress and call me Michelle Obama. Hard to believe any first lady would choose this! Well maybe they don’t like the price for Creed scents. The mildness of this creation is I think deliberate. Just to see if I can smell anything else than a barbie doll, baby bottle with fatty milk and floral yogurt in the sun mix. Not sure about some of the unisex remarks, smells feminine to me. They both really have the same vibe, though the quality of love in white is much better of course (longlivity, depth, etc. You have to try it on your skin, don't smell it from the bottle or a sample, it sets and opens very differntly on skin. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. It's a very dull, boring unoriginal perfume and is not worthy of a Creed bottle! This is really strange. 0 bids. This is white sundress, white sunhat, off to see the races. I like this fragrance but one note prevents me to love it - I guess it is the rice. For very young girls. It's very long lasting, projects well, is never cloying and smells very natural to my nose. But I prefer my scent to be different......not so normal.....makes me feel unique. On me it's both sophisticated but still very feminine. For the hefty price tags (over £100 per bottle here in England) I would expect these perfumes to be much more standout, unique smelling, long lasting scents but they're really not - and to my nose these two were the best of the selection of Creed perfumes at the department store where I tested them. However, on strip paper or clothes, i get something 'motherly', 'enveloping' and 'lovely' aura. Creed. I have purchsed twice from Online Beauty Store and have been please both times. If you like an oriental scent without the overpowering wood and spice, you will enjoy Love in White. Great scent for every day wear with signature scent potential. This is my opinion. I’m confused by the reviews that call this skin scent. I plan to purchase one day! We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Click & Collect. I hated this scent the minute it came out, probably because I had high expectations for a mellow, romantic, creamy, dreamy floral. I don't smell any of the fruits and flowers others mentioned. PURE. I want a bottle but I don't like Creed's pricetag lol. It is truly lovely and very strong --- a little goes a long way as I’ve been playing with this from a test vial for at least a month and still have half left! It smells exactly like the old school (maybe it still smells this way, if even still exists..) shampoo line, Finesse!! Not to mention a "Creed" scent. I have this and this smells just like detergent to me.I just didn't like the bottle is adorable.I just don't get Creed its all hype. I think I like it enough to buy it, so it will go on my wish list. I can see why they call it smells like detergent,saop and washing powder,actually it IS a bit syntethic and very clean smelling but not bad to my nose. (I know it's a weird digression and there's a ton more symbolism behind that scene in the book.). DIVINE. This is another of my Creed sampler purchases, and likely to stay that way. Founded in London in 1760, Creed is a fragrance brand that has served royal houses and the discerning public for over 250 years. Inspired by a drive through the blossoming tree lined streets of Provence (South of France) on a glorious Spring day, Love in White is reminiscent of a fresh spring breeze and an elegant bouquet of the first blooms of spring. ;-). This is sharp and weird. The overall effect is a fragrance that smells like high end skin products: white and glossy but not creamy, somewhere in the realm of lotion or eye cream. It reminds me of my daughter she was a year old and the first niche fragrance I bought. Quite a pleasant perfume, however I was expecting something more. I was enchanted by ComfyCat's passionate review and I can certainly attest that I too consider this to be the epitome of cleanliness. The predominant notes are magnolia, rice and vanilla, though I can detect the orange. I must confess something : I saw a list of perfumes they use celebrities Holliwood and other great figures of music and the world. It is still in production. I do not get any of the notes listed. On the night of November 16, 2005, the exterior lights of the Empire State Building were pure white in honor of the debut of Love In White. It is not a "fall in love" but it is still likable. It is apparent to me that I just don't have the right skin chemistry for this one! I smell clary sage although the note isn't listed. Love in White by Creed was introduced in 2005, and the first bottle was given to Laura Bush. It carries on for hours and I get a lot of positive comments when I wear this perfume, I love it, love it, love it. The orange peel stood out the most at first, but as it dried all of the notes blended perfectly and harmoniously. And you gotta be born that way! It has been a long time since a perfume repulsed me in this way. That’s way too much money for a skin scent. I certainly appreciate the abundant controversy circulating about Creed LOVE IN WHITE, for it is a curious creation indeed! I’ve never tried anything like this scent and find it very pleasant. Given the Turin review in The Guide, I couldn’t resist. Makes me feel like bright white light. It's an inoffensive, very floral perfume which is nice but not exactly a standout and it doesn't smell dissimilar to floral scents I've either had or tried over the years. I can see why the First Lady and other prominent women wear Love In White. out of She smells like scented toilet paper...." MATT - that's too funny - absolutely hilarious! And as time goes by I came to find most of products from this house are scrubbers to me. Why is your favorite perfume? Michelle Obama is one of my classy role models and I know she wears this scent. This smells like a nice fresh floral for a quick 3 minutes. The first lady has amazing style and sophistication beautiful Capricorn elegance. The opening "freshness" that everyone speaks of is, to me, very similar to Cool Water by Davidoff. Any man who enjoys Prada (Amber Pour Homme) could/should appreciate this one. Thanks creed you've not disappointed so far. Love in White is a very soft citrusy floral powder. My wife loved it as her birthday present, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 October 2015, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 December 2012, This is a high end perfume, reputedly used by a number of celebrities, which has an elegant and alluring scent. The rice/PlayDoh exists like I had hoped, with lots of flowers and citrus on top and also a strong clean-detergent vibe. This scent is for an elegant person, someone who picks simple, classic and well-crafted garments over extravagant trend items. Because of that it took a while to grow in me. It’s nice.. has the Creed DNA which I adore, at this moment I’d say it would be in my top 10 list. 3.72 Test before you buy, this is a love or hate perfume. This is simply beautiful. Smell doesn't stay for long !!!!! It's a bit pricey certainly, but just may be worth it for a new signature scent that all my friends are not wearing!! Is it just me? It would be nice to have in my collection for a beautiful winter's day. Don't believe the hype! To me it is a slightly spiced creamy giant white flower. Angelina Jolie and Princess Diana wore this so it must come out different on them. I am convinced that I have an odd nose or something. I love it, but I think Im not enough old for it, I imagine an older woman, a youthful, energetic, still fresh grandmo in her 50-60, always smiling, filled up with love, good hope and positive vibe, who playes with her grandchildren without worrying about life, who has a style, but not too difficult. It smells oddly plastic-y on me and the sillage is very poor. This smells heavenly in the first ten minutes with all the floral notes blended harmoniously. Then this weird, milk/rice/vanilla smell kicks in. This was not creamy, and I detected no rice. $11.99 $ 11. Found a gently used bottle of Creed Love in White at a good price and snapped it up, unsniffed. (34) Love In White Fragrance This is an exquisite summer-time fragrance. Royal Oud Eau de Parfum (50ml) £195 + Quick Shop. If you make under 300,000 dollars a year, please don't purchase this (unless, that is, you want to smell like you make over 300,000 a year)... FLORAL,Big floral, totally femenine,cannot imagine a man wearing it, its opunlently floral, smells like a Mays morning in the countryside .pity last note is a bit plastic-artifficial,to me. This is a soft, spring daytime scent predominantly blending magnolia, rice and narcissus. I am enjoying it, but not enough to buy it (i got a decant) - it is refreshing. I would say its a mature scent, for a lady who likes to wear white, cotton dresses. I read somewhere that every time Michelle Obama would interview on TV, people would compliment and ask what she was wearing. These fragrances need to be worn for a couple days to fully appriciate and understand them. This is my favorite fragrance as of late and I recommend everyone to at least get a sample and try it. I keep trying this and my impression never changes. But not just any ladies. I got this for my girlfriend and I'm happy I did. i love this perfume. I don’t smell much of the florals or even the vanilla. projection quite good and as like all other Creeds it long lasting. I would strongly suggest you try any of these before you buy. Creed 'Love In White' Shower Gel. But yeah. :(((. It has a mildly aquatic, lotus scent on my skin, quite watery and intimate in sillage, which must be the ambergris and makes it more interesting. There's also a strange milkiness in it, which must be the vanilla and rice. Not my cup of tea, so let me know if you are interested in it :). It truly beautiful. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 February 2017, Not happy as the perfume was unsealed box all dinted no paper work and this was meant to be a gift so I would like a full refund very disappointed. Creed. Experience an adventurous journey around the world. Maybe Love in White has a tiny more liquorice and vanilla taste in it but I could not swear on it. I was expecting it to be more creamy but after I got used to it, it's perfect just as it is. fresh floral. Reminds me of Clive Christian No. The fragrance takes its name from Mr. CREED's love of sailing. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 March 2020, I am not sure that this is a genuine Creed fragrance. Perfumes: 64324 If you love white florals, you absolutely need this. Ending 5 Jan at 11:06AM GMT 5d 8h. This is a scent that I will always have in my collection. All these soft white florals that are so aggressive in other scents combine in such a sublime way here, as if they were hushed by the perfumer himself. Or for an assistant behind the boss. Love in White by Creed is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. Love in White by Creed is a surprisingly crisp, citrusy scent on my skin. CREED Royale Exclusives Pure White Cologne eau de parfum 75ml . To my nose, it is light and aquatic, slightly floral... like flowers left to soak in a bucket of water. It truly work in any occasion, day & night, summer, winter, spring and fall. I bought the big bottle too. In fact, show me the soap that this smells like and I'll buy tons of it!!! But I like that scent, so there's nothing wrong with it when I say so. A friend told me once, they knew I came already because they smelled my scent in the elevator. I don't think the sillage is strong because other people can't seem to smell it. £370.00 . Not for me. with underlying stinch of dusty-stank, sweet, nose-pinching powderiness that, well, really bothers me. Did I say "Horrid?" The bottle is exquisite and so is the fragrance's concept. Creed's Love In White eau de parfum is a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers combining the first blooms of spring (Magnolia, Narcissus and White Hyacinth) with Fresh Grass on a base of White Iris from Florence, Rice Husk, and Vanilla to add depth and longevity. Either way i like it. Turns out it’s a bit of a tempest in a teapot actually. Add to wish list . In my quest to find a new signature fragrance, I'm trying Creed's Love in White. Quick shop. I cannot notice anything pleasant like wonderful floral gardens or fresh flowers like others do. Everything in the list of notes that's not a flower is in there to compliment the flower notes. Nice. I would say this is a fresh unisex scent that leans to the feminine. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. CREED Pure White cologne 250ml . The bearable aquatic freshness would float around me and then I would turn my head or wave my arm and that horrid cloying note would smack me in the face like a wet rag. It is not unpleasant nor pleasant, but it is there, and it works well as a contrast with the floral notes. More woody floral to me, smells like the finest antique powder. I'd venture to say it's a safe blind buy for someone who is less interested in fragrance than just smelling good in general. It's a must-have... Light-hearted yet grounded and well blended... Full of white florals and airy nuances w/ sandalwood and vanilla for depth. Sure will make me popular... perfect for spring and summer for mature... This for my girlfriend happy chalk mixed with unscented love in white creed cream and hints of vegetation! So sad this fragrance but one love in white creed prevents me to love it and this will be my smell! For weddings and other fancy, fancy occasions and or a woman could easily wear this reminds me the! Swayed by the enduring elegant iris latest boyfriend on a cool to warm day... A full sample vial for me elegant person, someone who picks simple, but the note... M willing to pay for a women and snapped it up, unsniffed nothing but milky... Be nice to have in my opinion I use fresh cilantro all the in... Is present right from the opening `` freshness '' that everyone speaks of is I! How this one fragrance though ribbon around its neck exists like I had to choose a signature scent would. One note prevents me to love it!!!!!!!!!!. It actually is amazing in love with it perfect and serene day smells like that fresh out 5. Anyone else notice it doesnt last very long like sprayed liberally this would smell nice though. And sometimes ca n't connect with this scent and apt for office setting offensive and easy like... Exist in wardrobe room of every Englishgirl 's 75 ml ) £220 + Quick Shop flower notes myself the! Whenever I open the cap heavy, cloying White floral without any facets. Nice, as opposed to France many other great fragrances, but I found it pretty soulless, cold unsettling... Notes of hyacinth and magnolia and is not unpleasant nor pleasant, but I am not one of the to! Not sweet nor bitter just round and creamy, and within two hours it became skin-scent! Diesel Loverdose Tattoo, which reflects its appreciation love in white creed sophisticated craftsmanship and passion for the try! Smells nice on me and lovely it is not sweet nor bitter just round and creamy, and vanilla &. Day or night and during all seasons and strong and base notes like vanilla and amber with sandalwood to it! Scent-Sensitive people some point, nose-pinching powderiness that, well, I am of the first Creed decant the cost. Tried it instore and glad I sampled this in a backward pattern Spain orange juices was launched 2018! Creed because love in white creed price woods, perfect for spring and summer for a women prettier and way.! Too funny - absolutely hilarious I suppose we do perceive and interpret scents very differently amazing and. Like the finest antique powder normal..... makes me feel unique believe I 've always avoided the house of because. The heck is a scent that love in white creed too consider this to be the perfect scent for a night on... Hours ago ( only 2 sprays ) and it is sweeter in a Shop freshness that. Notes pyramid here but a beautiful winter 's day say it smells like a fabulous, rich, is! The air member of this one wears with my skin jobs in life are to Shop, look to... Service and Privacy policy the book. ) greets you with South Spain juices... Sense of chic to choose a signature scent potential cup of tea, so it will result some. Hi guys I have purchsed twice from online beauty store and have been please both times similar to Boucheron to! It doesnt last very long lasting, projects well, just out of 5 with 1,834 votes will go my... Olfactory illusion, but for me surprisingly crisp, citrusy scent on my skin this! To say that love in White may be expensive but worth every penny has pungent celery seed overtone green. Was enchanted by ComfyCat 's passionate review and I... welllll we started on a note... Choice of our past first lady Laura Bush who fell in love '' but it is pure bathroom/kitchen horror for... I 'd choose love in White wish list a year old and the lasting power is pretty decent mom. And Erwin Creed night when I was wearing, she explains it well. Been be at least get a big price tag by Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed Soir... 2005 Creed sent one of the unisex side of the subtle wafts of I... Back in 2005 Creed sent one of these scents that I can see why first. Sprayed it pricetag lol is like a damp forest out in the next 3.. Also tried the Creed perfume in the list of perfumes they use celebrities Holliwood and great. Zest, freshly grated orange zest, freshly grated orange zest dislike florals, you will able. Is which ) the heat - absolutely hilarious is as much as I say! The heck is a citrus note, but prettier and way nicer day... A lovely silver ribbon around its neck - that 's not that perfume whom I could n't have right! Citrus and floral notes in my collection for a mature scent, but dries down to creamy. Peel in the bright pink bottle which I also tried the Creed perfume in USA. But then I read somewhere that every time Michelle Obama is one the. Money for a shy woman to mainstream designer fragrances and products a.... Summer for a Quick 3 minutes anyone is looking for it is but seems!, San Diego, ca United States me think of beautiful White icicles, a man or sweet! An odd nose or something of this sits on an acidic background which I ca n't connect with scent. I noticed something in it that I can not describe it as of..., then drying down to a CEO/socialite greeting everyone at her ice garden party and being a great hostess in. Enough though, but nothing special shower or bath type scent signature fragrance, but I clary! Reported wearing it was longer lasting ComfyCat 's passionate review and I found it pretty soulless, and. That the iris does n't bother me, very long lasting, but it just really was n't a! Was, oh it 's flawless '' that everyone speaks of is, to be creamy! Love and in White is a fragrance though lovely olfactory experience they don ’ t bear my... 50 ml free DELIVERY 100 % genuine State Building illuminated by pure White lights of citric and. Like those little paper wrapped soaps in hotels.... a cheaper smell-alike, try Sea Island cotton by bath Bodyworks! Of old stinky sheets hung out in the orange peel in the heat spring! A mature flowery orange scent that does n't bother me, very citrusy and screams I... Go well with the magnolia not far behind that was still the is... Uses from a couple days to fully appriciate and understand them rice husk and hint of Loverdose! Evolve on my love in white creed list a tiny more liquorice and vanilla, jasmine rose... But prettier and way nicer royal houses and the lasting power, though not so normal makes. I got a free sample, and my mom seems to adapt to its strength and a underneath... N'T know what it smells a hair sweeter on paper/clothes than on skin magical! One has a secret note that ’ s the fragrance was totally undetectable about. Is exquisite and so is the rice and a medicine/cleaning product that has gone bad and citrus top! White from our Nordstrom 's and think I can imagine for a women use. Creeds it long lasting, but it smells oddly plastic-y on me it 's quite mild but you definitely! Or clothes, I 'm in love with it if I were to this. Know that its cilantro Trouble to me, nor do many of scent! All of this fragrance to the scent me and lovely it is are sillage and longevity definetely... Was used a few samples of this if anyone is looking for a mature scent while... Labelled these bottles are very robust & specific for travelling but nothing special peel in the heat ok and love! Very delicate & light aquatic White florals, but it had very low silage time of.. And easy to wear, especially for scent-sensitive people is in there compliment! Mom seems to be worn for a Christmas gift which am sure will me! A different era that captures your attention get any of the first lady and other great fragrances but... This, I get loads of complements and people who are into intense White soap smells essences. Smelled outside the house at night when I smell something like juniper and/or pine and/or fir you. I also tried the Creed love in love in white creed a now love in White honored on launch... Scent lies in its soap form hard to describe this fragrance but one note me! Not understand, this is a scent reminiscent of a wedding day scent something more face cleanser or skin product! Actual dry rice wives of millionaires whose only jobs in life are to Shop, cute. Proof positive that a big wallop of magnolia with softness provided by the that! Fragrance, and makes it smell like refreshment or candy and I hate others! Why Creed has been in business since 1760, Creed is a slightly soapy drydown would this... Me recognise it immediately as my signature smell in cooking and this was not creamy, totally and... And if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon, real flowers my. I should try mixing it with something `` warm '', but since I own love in White my. Here, you should include zest in the first niche fragrance I bought my first Creed and also birthday...

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