I'm Paige, a life coach, image consultant and career strategist who helps women just like  you create and live your best life.

For nearly 20 years I've helped men & women elevate their presence, communication and people skills for success.

With degrees in communications, public relations and innovation, years of military experience and a license in cosmetology,  I use presence, leadership & relationship skills and communication to turn your dreams into a reality. 

I love what I DO!

While some coach, others consult and few strategize, with me you get all three when you let me evaluate, enhance and upgrade your appearance, behavior and communication skills to ensure that your image is consistent with your personal or professional goals. 

Nothing is out of reach with the right image, persona and strategy. I can't wait to help you show up with confidence and credibility!




Next Steps...

Request a quote and start working with me now. You deserve to live life balanced, in sync and with essence.