Life Coaching

Turn up your Femininity and you'll turn down stress, burnout and feelings of inadequacy. Strengthen your leadership, relationship and communication skills like a Woman. 

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Group Coaching

Sisterhood is medicine for the Feminine Soul and women are natural collaborators. Whether in the salon, or business -- we thrive on sisterly connection.

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Well-being is important to your bottom line. Experience luxury self-care in your everyday personal, or professional life. Self-care is sacred. Prepare to heal.

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Lead Like A Woman

Women experience higher rates of burnout and depression caused by today’s expectations to perform gender roles at home, yet smash through them at work– all while still looking & feeling fabulous, with the pic to prove it.

In a constantly connected environment, this idea is insane and women all over are more stressed and depressed than ever.

*Less than 25% of women that graduate with a Bachelor’s degree say they still feel Feminine as they climb the ladder and of that, only 1 in 5 Millennials.*

Dominating the job market, winning out on high-paying jobs and earning more degrees than men, today’s leading women are feeling the pressure of spending too much time in their Masculine energy.

The time of bowing one's head and pushing through is over. The Masculine way of doing things isn't working anymore and women all over are feeling a shift and yearning for more balance.


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